Founder’s Vision: Hands Up Homeless Ministries, Inc. was founded by Hope Reaves and Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks because of their desire to see the homeless set free, and delivered from the bondage of homelessness; they want the homeless lives to be better. We thank God for our first volunteer, Christine; she was also homeless and she wants to help the homeless too. Hope and Dr. Hooks want the homeless to know that God loves them and teach them about God; as well as want them to experience God’s love and grace, for themselves. Dr. Hooks knows what it is like to be homeless and broken; she was homeless and broken!  BUT God! God wants to turn the homeless’ lives around too, like He did Dr. Hooks’ life!

Hope knows too, how it feels to be hopeless, helpless, and homeless; she grew up in a children’s home. Growing up she struggled with many things such as being separated from her eight siblings and going through two divorces. She has three children, two are adults and one is a minor whom she raises on her own. At the age of 38, she met a couple involved in ministry, and as they ministered to her, they wanted to give her the desires of her heart, which was to experience a whole new life with stability. They adopted her and now she wants to help others by sharing compassion along with a message of hope and God’s love. Hands Up Ministry Inc. is way to help raise awareness of homelessness, help those who are misplaced and looking for a better life.

Mission:  To let the homeless know that God loves them very much and have not forgotten about them; that God cares about them – right where they are! We want to show the homeless God want to give them His hand, so HE can pull them up! We are the instruments, God is using to help the homeless, build better lives for themselves.