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In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD, describes “The Love of The Father.” Dr. Hooks explains, “What Is The Love of The Father?,” "How to “Experience The Love of The Father,” “Why We Love The Father,” and extends an “Invitation to Take the Journey” to experience the love of the Father for yourself.


Dr. Hooks has experienced, personally, the "Love of the Father" in her own life. And she says, "Once you experience the 'Love of the Father' for yourself, you will never be the same. But before you can experience the Father's love, you must accept it; and to accept the Fathers' love, you must accept His Son, Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we could be reconciled with the Father. Jesus not only came to give us life but He came so we can have life more abundant. So, let us live that abundant life daily. Psalm 95:7-8 tells us that in the day we hear His voice, harden not our hearts. So, come, let us enjoy the journey, the journey God's love will take on us.


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Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks' vision is to warn women about the consequences of marrying outside the will of God. Dr. Hooks states, “I do not want women to live their lives in bondage as I did. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.”

In the 2nd Edition of Dr. Hooks’ book, "Unholy Matrimony: Healing For The Abused Woman," she talks about the consequences of marrying out of God's will. Dr. Hooks states, “This is very important because when we marry out of God's will, we form ungodly soul ties and this will most likely cause us to become victims of domestic violence.”


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In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks lets us know that Christ has already made it possible for us to win the battle in our minds. He has condemned sin in the flesh, causing us to be able to defeat Satan with the power He has given us. We must have our minds transformed by the Word of God, so we can know how to use this power.    


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In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks tells what will happen after God have delivered you out of the bondage of abuse. Dr. Hooks states, "Just because you were abused does not mean your life is over; you are NOT what you went through – it does not define who you are or who God is! There is life for you after the abuse – your life is not over; it is just beginning. God has so much in store for you; He has predestined you for greatness. Therefore, get up, allow God to take you to your next dimension in Him because your life is not over, it has just begun. Embrace your journey of freedom today"!!   

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